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Match your Vacation Lifestyle with the right timeshare

Match Timeshare Resales with your Vacation Lifestyle

Some timeshare resales in our inventory were matched with a general description of vacationers to help individuals understand how timeshares work through their own travel needs. Please note that the following descriptions of vacationers are detailed in the hope to help make it more relevant to the individual's travel needs and were not intended to generalize or stereotype timeshare vacationers.

Should you relate to a type of vacationers below but do not understand how the particular timeshare products could work for you, please call upon our vacation counselors for more information or custom-based examples.

A - Spontaneous and Passionate about vacations

You could go anywhere at the drop of a dime. A week vacation for you means going away. For you a vacation is a necessity. Although going away is important to you, a week for you is enough to unwind, recharge and relax. You always keep an open mind when it comes to vacation. You love to discover new places, new experiences and meeting new people. You’re ready to leave with the minimum preparation and planning. You’re up to adventures and willing to deal with whatever comes your way.

Several programs will give you access to a full array of last minute bookings at approximately 300cdn for a full week regardless of the size of accommodation. Prices start as low as 1500$ to own such memberships. Call us for more info.

B - Careful Planner – VIP status and privileges.

Vacations are a way to spend quality time with your spouse, family and friends. Your accommodation must be comfortable and be of superior quality such as a home away from home. Your destination can be repetitive because you and your family like to relive good memories of past vacations. Your resort has to offer a full array of activities in all seasons for yourself and your family with no surprises. Your travelling dates may be restricted to high and prime time seasons. Vacations planning must be as hassle-free as possible and you would appreciate someone else finalize the details or having a steady place waiting for you every year. Knowing what to expect is part of your peace of mind. Multi-Destination Clubs as a rule offer that peace of mind and hassle-free vacations.

C - Experience-seeking traveler

You like to access destinations of choice that will take you to high demand places such as Paris, London, New York, San Francisco and so on. For you, staying in an accommodation that is well-located is a prerequisite. You like to be close to the entertainment district, park your car for the week and be at a walking distance of a full array of entertainments, various choices of fine cuisine restaurants, and access to city tours or famous wineries and so on.

D – The Outdoors Seeker

Vacation is for you to enjoy the outdoors and practice the sports to favor in company of your family and friends. Your accommodation should provide you with access to golf courses or ski centers nearby or right onsite. Benefiting from additional rebates and VIP privileges makes you feel great. You require high season bookings. The accommodation must be convenient at providing you with easy access to sport centers. You favor location over the luxury of the unit.

E - Driving Destination and Country Club Benefits

You like the convenience of a nearby resort that will make you feel away from it all with the convenience of a short distance destination. Moreover, if you could enjoy and access the resort facilities for a day or for weekend stays on a regular basis that would dual purposes of ownership such as a second home. Your resort must provide you with a lot of activities on site for yourself and your family. You feel at peace within the safety of the resort for your children and the many activities it provides. You are also proud to invite friends and relatives to take advantage of the facilities.