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Thinking about buying a Timeshare?

Thinking about buying a Timeshare?

Considering the purchase of a timeshare?

We congratulate you for taking the time to explore pre-owned timeshares related products available on the resale market. This vacation vehicle has been designed to enhance vacation lifestyles and, for decades now, millions of travelers have been enjoying the use of their timeshare ownership around the world, so... why not you?

Why considering timeshares resale?

The timeshare resale market offers a full array of timeshare related products to choose from and to own at greatly discounted prices. Here at Timesharing Style we believe the product can be recycled and appreciated from one owner to the next and to facilitate this process is to benefit present and future owners as a whole.

We designed our website as a resource center to provide unbiased information and to assist potential buyers in understanding the various usages of timeshare products. We certainly encourage everyone who is interested in knowing more about the concept of timeshares to keep an open mind and gather all the information they need to make an informed choice whether or not this option is for them.

How to select the right timeshare program?

We understand that with so many various products on the market, buyers with little knowledge about the concept may feel quite overwhelmed in trying to select the right vacation ownership and... rightfully so. We cannot stress enough the importance of choosing the right program the first time around.

In this article, we attempted to put into context some examples of various types of timeshare products that we believe may be more suitable to specific types of vacationers and lifestyles. We hope that these limited examples may help guide first time buyers understand better how the products may relate to their vacation needs.

Ready to consider whether or not timeshare is for you?

First let’s take a look at some of personal vacation patterns which you should know about yourself before you can determine the right vacation ownership. Some consideration to types of vacationers such as A – B –C- D and E described thereafter are mentioned.

Vacation time and period of the year

While considering how many weeks a year you need and how you use accommodation is important, the time of the year to which you may be restricted to travel should be your number one consideration. If you can’t use it, don’t buy it. For example, people in the field of education such as teachers must consider programs that will allow them booking privileges during the Holidays, March Break, or summer vacation weeks.

How often, how long and how flexible is your vacation time?

1) 1 week at a time with a maximum of 10 days... More than 7 to 10 days, you’re beginning to feel restless... If it is easy for you to take one week anytime with little notice, you may be retired and/or have the flexibility to take time off, you should consider last minute bookings advantages. Consider type A

2) 1 week minimum and up to 2 weeks at the same convenient spot with all the facilities you may need right on site... the less luggage you have to handle, the better... so for you moving from place to place is not a vacation. Your vacation time may be restricted to certain dates and high season travel is needed. You need certainty and hassle-free vacations.Consider types B-D

3) 2 to 3 consecutive weeks while staying at different places and not staying more than 3 or 4 days or one week at the most... You’re active and a changing environment adds variety to your vacation. Although you like to plan ahead, you can easily deal with the unexpected and are ready to leave within a few weeks notice. You also enjoy weekend getaways on a regular basis. Consider types A-C-E

Where do you like to go or plan to go?

Specific destinations: Hawaii, Paris, California – consider C
Mostly the Caribbean – consider A-B
European destinations at least once a year; consider C
Driving destinations close to home; - consider E
Anywhere – new destinations every year, at least once a year – consider A-C

What type of vacation are you looking for?

1) Sun, fun and beaches All-inclusive packages are pretty common in your selections because they mostly offer this type of vacation. You like the convenience of hassle-free vacations pretty much anywhere as long as there are beaches, sun and fun. You may be restricted in your travelling dates and the less planning required for your vacation the better it is... Consider A-B

2) Cultural experiences such as family outings to amusement parks, City life entertainment, Museum, Wining & Dining, and Shopping are there to get the most of your vacation. You’re after everything that nourishes your senses and you need a convenient location that will provide you with a safety environment for your family and an easy access to discover and enjoy your surroundings.Consider B-C

3) Outdoors and Sport vacation: golf, skiing, water sports and so on. For you a vacation has to bring your favorite outdoor activities closer than ever and, at the same time, can gather all of your family under the same roof. The convenience of a golf course nearby or onsite; a ski-in, ski-out unit located right on the slopes; benefiting from additional discounts and members privileges makes you feel great! Convenience and location are your prime requisites!Consider D-E

Does size matter?

In the timeshare world, the size of your accommodation can be fixed or flexible. At this point, you should know how flexible the size of your accommodation needs to be in order to suit your vacation needs.

Now that you have established your personal vacation patterns, let’s take a quick look at some examples of the type of vacationer you may be. Then, we linked vacation programs that we believe may suit this particular type of vacation lifestyles better than others.