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Timeshare Industry statistics point towards an overall satisfaction rate of 85% amongst timeshare owners. It is important your vacation ownership performance responds to your expectations and elevates you into this category of satisfied timeshare owners.

While timeshares are often sold as the perfect travel tool, they obviously do not meet the satisfactory levels of the other 15% of timeshare owners. However, when it meets with consumers' expectations, a timeshare ownership has the potential of reaching a much higher satisfaction rate among its users.

We believe that timeshare resales offer consumers and savvy travelers a great opportunity to learn more about the various vacation ownerships available on the market and to understand how timeshares work. If you are in the market to buy a timeshare, we suggest a few articles that will get you started with references and general information about timeshares. We can certainly help you choose the right timeshare ownership to suit your vacation lifestyle and budget. We believe that, as a well-informed consumer, once you know the mechanics of timeshares you will feel at ease to make the right selection when buying a timeshare. The decisional factor to buy a timeshare is to first determine if the concept of timeshare is for you by trying to match the right timeshare program with your vacation lifestyle you are trying to accomplish for yourself and your family.

Our Resource Center has been designed to provide current information on the wide range of timeshare-related products available on the resale market today: from traditional fixed weeks to the many Vacation Travel Clubs offering various point systems, from private residence clubs to fractional ownerships, we aim at enlightening consumers toward a better understanding of the concept. Through online workshops or personalized presentations, we offer advice that is intended to guide consumers who are actively searching to purchase a timeshare from existing owners on the resale market.

Have fun exploring our website, browse featured timeshares for sale, timeshare rentals as well as our archived articles or subscribe to our online periodical to keep receiving information about timeshare reviews, RCI points, exchange systems and timeshare promotions.


Remember, you will enjoy the benefits when purchasing a resale from a previous owner on the secondary market but you will not have to pay the developers price. These dream vacations at yesterday's prices, at your favorite destinations are just a click away. What are you waiting for?



Chances are... what motivated you to buy your timeshare in the first place might not be what necessarily will motivate your buyer to purchase your vacation ownership.

Keep in mind that emotions are often the driven force behind the buyers motivation to purchase that will always remain yours to uncover. To achieve a successful sale, first a minimum of trust will have to be established between you two and through this solid connection, you will be able to help and find out what your buyers are really looking for.

Our resource Centre is a concept being embraced by both buyers and sellers and provides a one-stop shop for all your timeshare needs, compensation programs, trading and exit solutions as well as travel alternatives. Call Today to discuss the options you need!


Assistance to Vacation Owners and Sellers

When a majority of timeshare owners are left on their own to re-sell their program, owners wishing to make a quick sale will often resort to bringing down the value of their timeshare to a bare minimum. However, this will not necessarily help them selling it any faster. You have to put yourself in the consumer's shoes: would you buy something you don't understand?

While the concept of timeshares has been around for over 40 years, it still remains misunderstood and commonly mistaken by the general population. Therefore the price it resells at has often little to do with a successful sale. The pertinence with which its usage matches the consumers needs will most likely achieve success in passing on its benefits to the next owner.

If you're a timeshare owner considering selling, you should know the preliminary steps involved in selling your timeshare which will not only guide you in establishing a fair marketable price but will help you decide whether or not you are ready to take on the challenge on your own or would rather welcome the assistance to do the leg work for you.

Before the online market, people interested in buying timeshares had only a few options, other than attending a timeshare presentation, to obtain information and be at a liberty to choose from a wider range of quality products. With the convenience of the online market, wide range of information is not only readily available but still can be overwhelming for the potential interested buyers.

Our website has been designed as a Resource Center to facilitate rentals, buying and selling by owners and to promote timeshare vacations while informing consumers on its various usages around the world. We offer a combined experience of over 25 years of industry expertise in both North America and Europe to provide assistance to timeshare owners in promoting, selling and closing procedures for their timeshare/vacation ownership program.

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Mrs Lorquet, as promised, I am pleased to confirm we have received the sum of 8766€, as well as our complete satisfaction from dealing with you and your organization. We can certainly say that timeshare weeks, often criticized for their heritage value, are nevertheless true assets. Warmest Regards

Jean-Pierre G.Copengham, FRANCE

Hello Lise – Thank you for your e-mail. I will tell you when I also have the confirmation from here (if it will not appear at credit card charge it is confirmed). The real reelief is to have someone as you on that side of Atlantic, who is allways ready to help. So thank you for your e-mail, but above all thank you very much for your actions. Best Regards