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Timeshare / should i or should i not?

Timeshare / should i or should i not?

This has been a long asked question by many travelers for years. The idea of owning a timeshare comes with many unanswered questions. Where should I purchase, what are the fees associated with my purchase, am I paying too much, and what is the likelihood that it will work the way I need it to.

December 10th 2008

With the current state of the economy there are several options available for travelers. Yes the economy appears to be in a terrible state, but people will still take vacations. With added anxiety and pressure hitting the very centre of our lives, what better a time to take a vacation and attempt to relax? They key issue is now more than ever to obtain the best value for our hard earned dollars. With this said the re-sale market has become an even more popular place for travelers to search out terrific deals.

One such company is, a very reputable company based out of Quebec. I have found these people to be very professional at researching the best options available for their customers. With a wide variety of weeks available they can assist you in achieving exceptional vacations at a greatly reduced cost, over developer weeks that are offered through resorts around the world.

When considering a timeshare, it is always best to attempt to locate a resale that is close to your place of residence. This will enable you to have local resort privileges, such as possibly golfing or skiing at your local resort. Many resorts offer these types of privileges to their owners so as to have them continually visiting the resort.

The friendly staff will assist you in all areas including budgeting concerns, the cost of the week and any ongoing fees associated with your ownership. It may be prudent to have the option of Deed and Title, while others prefer a right to use program for the remainder of their vacation lifestyle only.

I have been involved in the timeshare market now for 15 years and have noticed a huge increase in the resale market, and as such have spent the past 2 years in investigating the value of these weeks to potential owners. For the wise customer there are various opportunities to purchase exceptional deals through this ever increasing market.

So if your desire is to continue to travel, and you are feeling the crunch, look for options that secure value and explore the timeshare resale market - and with companies like timesharingstyle this avenue has become the travelers’ best friend”.

Happy trails

Christopher Robins
The Robins Group
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