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RCI Points for weeks - Did you know?

RCI Points for weeks - Did you know?

If you are a multiple timeshare weeks owner and have an RCI Points membership, you may want to find out more about the value of your other weeks in RCI points.

Indeed, if you own a Points Membership and you also own weeks at traditional week resorts affiliated with RCI, RCI can convert your week into additional RCI points.

According to a regional exchange grids, RCI will determine how many points you will receive for your weeks. Point values vary according to the size of accommodation, the time of year and the classification of your resort. For example, a February week in 2-bedroom unit in a Florida Gold Crown resort would add 57,500 RCI points to your account. To qualify, your week ownership must be a week affiliation and cannot be part of the point exchange system.

To know more about how RCI can work in your favor, call us... we’ll be glad to give you more information about converting weeks to RCI points, or register for a free online webinar on RCI Points vs Weeks.

For more information about RCI, visit www.rci.comor call your RCI vacation counselor