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Timeshares with Country Club Benefits. Where should I buy a timeshare?

Timeshares with Country Club Benefits.

Where should I buy a timeshare? Why would I buy in my 'backyard'?

Similar timeshare related questions are often asked in as many ways as it varies from one individual to the next, and based on our understanding of the timeshare experience, we have come to realize that a ‘backyard’ timeshare seems to hold greater value to its owners than those purchased as an option to travel the world. The most motivating factor of owning a timeshare will undoubtedly remain the flexibility it offers in accessing favorite destinations around the world while vacationing in the comfort of a home away from home.

However, as developers market within a radius distance of 500km of their projects as destination vacation resort to their guests who, upon joining, will be able to spend quality family time at their home-based resort usually located within a couple of hours drive of their residence.

This helps promote a sense of ownership, provides members with access to amenities outside the occupancy time and benefits members/owners with a Private Country Club Membership. This idea is deemed to make great travel sense for at least a few good reasons.

1. It offers day resort activities for families with facilities such as pools, spas, exercise room; and other amenities such as golf, lake access beaches, boating, hiking and biking trails, and, in the winter, cross-country ski, snowshoeing or snowmobiling trails, and ski centres offering substantial discounts to members/owners.

2. Its location is typically close in proximity to where its members reside permanently; therefore a short commute which makes it very manageable for day trips and promotes relaxation of a stress-free destination.

3. The timeshare members or owners can often bring family and friends along to utilize their” country club” benefits often bringing a sense of wellness, privileged status and pride of ownership.

4. Owners of timeshares of a resort located in their “backyard” appreciate affordable vacations when overseas or out of the country vacations do not appear timely or making financial sense for them and their family that particular year.

Based on my timeshare experience of meeting thousands of owners every year, people who have purchased a backyard timeshare’ have expressed greater satisfaction through their emotional attachment and pride of ownership close to home. My personal experience also tells me that owners of a backyard timeshare have enjoyed a vacation ownership quality comparable to those of owning a vacation home at a fraction of the price. For those so many owners, their backyard timeshare holds greater value than the monetary value and are now being passed on from fathers to sons as a family tradition.

In most instances, the backyard timeshare concept for a seasonal week, is often seen as a viable and affordable vacation option. Experience the exhilaration of a health and wellness afternoon in the spa or a round of discounted golf at your country club, all located in close proximity to your home... that will feel right in your backyard.

See some example of timeshares:

Calabogie Peaks, Calabogie (ottawa region)

GeoHoliday Membership which includes Haliburton Heights, North of Toronto, and Auberge du Lac Morency, just North of Montreal in Québec. Both offers similar access to their properties for great day trip fun!.

Carriage Ridge, Horseshoe Valley

Georgian Manor, Collingwood