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WorkdMark Membership of 20000 credits



2 Deeded Memberships with WorldMark
Total Annual allotment of 20,000 credits
Priced to be sold together and
CAN BE SOLD separately at 15 000USD
Annual Dues 1430USD total for both allotments


RENT PRICEPlease Inquire

CAN BE SOLD SEPARATELY - 2 x 10,000 packages

WorldMark by Wyndham is a flexible vacation ownership program giving you access to more than 60 beautiful resorts formerly under the TrendWest Resorts network.  Now under the Wyndham trademark, the WorldMark network of resorts will give the new owners access to strategically selected destinations ranging from urban centers such as San Francisco, Seattle, New Orleans, Vancouver, Anaheim, San Diego to several Hawaii locations and beautiful Island of St-Thomas in the Caribbean, Fiji and South Asia Pacific destinations and several great destinations throughout the United States, including Alaska, and Western Canada.  The variety of its carefully selected destinations is truly the best part of the many privileges owners of WorldMark Credit system can benefit.  Visit WorldMark by Wyndham website for more details on the several destinations available.

WorldMark by Wyndham is a very flexible credit-based system of vacation ownership.  The smallest credit allotment WorldMark Owners can have is 5,000 credits.  The retail cost of these credits are evaluated at more than $2.00us per credit. The average starting ownership is about 7,000 credits and more can be added to existing ownerships.  These 2 increment of 10,000-credit packages for sale here can be purchased separately by owners wishing to add to their existing ownerships or sold together for an ownership that will provide for approximately 20 to 25 vacation days depending on the size of accommodation.  The matrix takes into account the size of unit, the number of days, season and resort location. The types of units vary from a hotel room to Penthouse and presidential suite for up to 10 people and vary from resort to resort.

WorldMark also offers a program called Bonus Time.  This will allow an owners to purchase great discounted stays without the use of their credits at less than 14 days from the arrival dates and based on availability.  The resorts are not necessarily the most glamourous in the industry but are well-maintained, very comfortable and are conveniently located to allow owners to enjoy a vacation home in urban centers, at the lake, at the mountain, or at the beach just like a vacation home with none of the headaches.   

A WorldMark by Wyndham ownership also gives access to thousands of other destinations through the RCI and Interval International exchange networks.  Call us for more information.

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