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RCI Points Membership at CVTS


RCI Points Membership
Valid until 2021
50000 Annual Point Allotment
Banked points included in the sale
Annual Dues 627CAD


50000 RCI Points

This 50000 RCI Points allotment, deposited annually, offers a great flexibility of use since the required number of points required decreases according to the size of accommodation you need and the season during which you travel. Therefore, you can maximize the value of your points when staying in a studio in off-season, for example.  Also, a week in any RCI resort 30 days or less before the arrival date may require as little as 5500 points for the week! You can book your vacation according to the value of points equivalent to the lowest season, a small unit such as a studio and in a standard residence to save on your points. Or, book last minute destination, 30 days or less, for 9000 points or less.

This points package will allow you to book in advance with no restrictions as to its exchange power. Based on the first-come, first-served basis, this 50000 RCI points annual allotment would allow you to book a high season week, in a 2-bedroom unit in a gold crown resort just as it would allow you several weeks of holidays per year. Remember, high season in a large units equals more points; low season travels in a small units equals fewer points. Adapt your membership to your holiday style. Accumulate your points or borrow over future years to travel more now.  Use your points to book flights, car rentals and cruises ... so many possibilities with great flexibility.

Last minute destinations are also highly discounted and weeks can be booked at 30 days or less prior arrival. The 'Last Call' inventory  comes from any of the RCI affiliated resorts ... and this, for as little as 9000 points or less per week.  Call NOW to schedule a FREE webinar about how RCI points work.

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Mrs Lorquet, as promised, I am pleased to confirm we have received the sum of 8766€, as well as our complete satisfaction from dealing with you and your organization. We can certainly say that timeshare weeks, often criticized for their heritage value, are nevertheless true assets. Warmest Regards,

Jean-Pierre G.Copengham, FRANCE