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Timesharing today

Timesharing today

The process of timesharing or owning a timeshare is precisely the same today in 2012 as it was almost four decades ago.

You might find some disagreement with this statement , but here is a different take on what I mean -the evolution in the timeshare industry is similar to the evolving automobile industry. Although the automobile industry has produced spectacular cars with innovative features that indeed make our lives easier and glorify the driver experience, including smoother rides, better fuel economy and even “green” electric hybrid cars…, the fact is that it is still simply a car. A car that has both purpose and priority.., to get us from point A to point B- This example rings true with timeshares.

Although timeshares have evolved from a standard week one might purchase to a myriad of points allotments and floating weeks or split weeks and being able to bank your points, then save them up for years, and ultimately use them to rent a car or hotel room, or even book a cruise!- The bottom line is the concept of timesharing is still just about a vacation-or an ownership simple enough to say I am “going to use my timeshare this week” and it’s concept has not changed over the years.

To fully appreciate how a timeshare works, one just needs to think about prepaying the accommodation portion upfront for a set price- Similar to a home you might buy there is the purchase price to pay and then yearly maintenance including utilities, lawn care, snow removal for example- Once the home is paid in it’s entirety you just need to keep up the annual maintenance of the home but continue to use and appreciate it’s benefits of living space with home comfort.

The timeshare is the same but with one significant difference. After purchasing a timeshare in an area you might really like to visit, i.e. Florida- you can travel back to the place you purchased and depending on the program you bought, once or twice per year and have a fully appointed and furnished condominium or villa waiting for your arrival! The beauty of condo style accommodations is simply more room, better amenities, and cost saving features such as fully decked out kitchens. Avoiding restaurants in touristic areas can save hundred of dollars on each vacation. Feels just like your own vacation home in Florida but for a fraction of the price! And housekeeping is part of maintenance fees so you do not have to clean the villa when you leave!

Now, here’s the neat thing. Unlike a home you might purchase, the timeshare you bought in Florida might have lost its appeal in your life since the kids have grown. The Disney experience is not too important anymore- Well just remember, your timeshare has wings and wheels so to speak- Simply deposit your timeshare interval into a easy to use trading bank and you can extract another interval in an area that has become more desirable to you- Have you ever considered an Arizona golf vacation, maybe a trip to the sunny Bahamas, or even a cultural experience in France?

This is the true benefit and investment in this wonderful method of travel…and it’s found within the timeshare or interval ownership model.

When globetrotting once every couple of years, you will soon discoer or realize the value in your ownership- At some point visiting relatives or family travel is once again enjoyable, because of flexibility, and you have the ability to “invite people to your condo” making more sense than a standard hotel room- We just don’t invite people to our hotel rooms to spend time together or socialize in the hotel room environment now do we?

Spacious condos located in desirable areas or destinations in over 100 countries offer us the ability to travel and experience the cultures and traditions that we expect while on vacation. All this comfort in your very own and sensible ownership known as timeshare.