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RCI TV - Take a virtual tour of RCI resorts

RCI TV - Take a virtual tour of RCI resorts

A nice way to familiarize yourself with the timeshare world and whether or not you would like to belong to RCI, is to visit RCI TV.

RCI, the world’s leader in vacation ownership exchange has made it easy not only to its 3.8 million members but to non-members as well in taking virtual tours of various destinations and resorts such the Manhattan Club in New York City.RCI TV showcases numerous types of destinations from South Africa, Spain, Mexico, Hawaii and continues to add to its repertoire.

Multiple social networking partnerships over the coming year will further expand the reach of RCI TV, educating and entertaining travelers seeking dream vacations. Through its unique “Resort Showcase” channel, millions of prospective viewers and timeshare buyers will be exposed to not only the developers’ resorts, but also linked back to the developers’ websites for more information about their products.

Bon voyage!