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RCI Last Calls: A great deal of savings!

RCI Last Calls: A great deal of savings!

As we have already covered, in order to obtain an RCI Membership, you must own a timeshare or vacation ownership package that is affiliated with RCI either through your purchase directly from the developer or from a secondary resale company.

For most of timeshare owners, RCI is an exchange network that provides timeshare exchange, however, for many savvy timeshare travelers, an RCI membership also means great savings! To pick up a week in a 1 or 2 bedroom villa in Spain, Greece, Florida or Canada for as little as 300$cdn for a full week... in all kinds of destinations, represents a nice perk to being a timeshare owner. And why such bargains?

What would you say is the most expensive hotel room in the world?

Ok, that’s a tricky question... you may want to say NY City, Dubai, etc. In fact, the most expensive hotel room is the ‘empty one’. Hotel rooms start off empty and as rooms get rented out and demand becomes more than supply, the prices increase. For resorts, it’s the opposite. The rooms start full and as more members deposit their time into RCI, the units become more available closer to the travelling dates and thus increasing the supply.

As occupancy dates get closer and closer, timeshare condos or villas that have not been traded are made available short notice to owners from around the world at ridiculously low rates to avoid having empty units... or resorts.

Every week, RCI frees about 8,000 weeks which have not traded and all of those are offered to timeshare owners as last minute destinations or Last Call Vacations. So if you’re flexible and able to plan a vacation 45 days or less, you may want to take a look at the RCI Last Calls, or what we like to call “RCI Bonus Weeks”. Then all you do is book, pay and discover great places you might not even have thought about going... and brace yourself to be delightfully surprised to impromptu vacation at most economical value!

You can purchase as many bonus weeks as you’d like as well as to buy them for friends and families. The cost of joining RCI is about 165$cdn per year, and weekly condos vary from 395cad to 465cad, depending on the condo size!

If you are considering buying a timeshare to use basically for trading to other destinations around the world, we would recommend that you take into consideration the Trading Power of your timeshare week.