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Chart on the features of Week vs Point memberships

Chart on the features of Week vs Point memberships

Even though the Point trading system seems to present all advantages, we certainly do not discard the fact that week trading still has its advantages too!

To help you understand both types of RCI membership, we have tabled the list of features found in the RCI Exchange systems under week resorts, points resorts, points partners and last call vacation offers.

Applicable or Provided
Not applicable or not provided

Features Week Resorts membership Points Resorts membership Points Partners Access to Last Calls
Access to week resorts

Access to points resorts

Weekly stays (7 nights)
Check-in Days Fri., Sat., or Sun.

Nightly stays, short stays or up to 21 days
Check-in Days any day of the week

Ownership subjected to trading guidelines
(i.e. must own a gold crown to access a gold crown, 2 bedroom for a 2 bed. condo., etc.)

Booking on First-come, First-served basis
No season, resorts or size discrimination

Season limitations (red, white and blue)

Exchange ownership for accommodation

Exchange ownership for stays +/- 7 days

Exchange ownership in hotel chains stays

Exchange ownership for car rentals

Exchange ownership for flights

Exchange ownership for amusement parks passes or entertainment shows, etc.

Although not all of the RCI affiliated resorts are joining the RCI Points system, there is an increasing number of upscale resorts that are converting to Points mainly because it allows them to better manage occupancy with the use of daily check-in/out times.