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RCI Points at CVTS


Annual RCI Points Membeship
30 000 points annually until 2021
Can give up to 3 last-minute weeks
Annual dues 485 incl. taxes


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Your stay at Club Vacances Toutes Saisons is the perfect location for you to visit the Historic Quebec City, the Charlevoix Area, or even for a whale watching expedition on the St-Lawrence.  30,000 RCI points will give you a week in a 1 bedroom all year-round except prime time.

This RCI membership of 30,000 RCI points can give up to 3 weeks per year using the last minute destinations that varies from 6000 to 9000 points 30 days and less.
Points can be used to book at your home resort of Club Vacances Toutes Saisons at anytime of the year or used in exchanging within the points as well as in the weeks resorts.

RCI points are the most flexible option in the timeshare travel industry.  Based on the first-come first-served basis, an RCI points membership simplifies the booking reservation system which can be done online from selecting, holding and booking accommodation dates.

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Mrs Lorquet, as promised, I am pleased to confirm we have received the sum of 8766€, as well as our complete satisfaction from dealing with you and your organization. We can certainly say that timeshare weeks, often criticized for their heritage value, are nevertheless true assets. Warmest Regards,

Jean-Pierre G.Copengham, FRANCE