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Tropical at LHVC



Annual Right-to-Use Membership
Red Weeks Membership valid until 2052
Access to unlimited number of weeks
Junior Suite for up to 4 people
From 199usd/week

RENT PRICEPlease inquire

Pay-as-you-go Program

The Tropical at Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club Resort is an all-inclusive, ocean-front hotel set within the sprawling Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club.  The Tropical offers a classic hotel vacation experience set within quaint, two- and three- story, Mediterranean-style buildings of junior suites and junior suites with kitchenette. The mood is laid-back and typically Caribbean.  The accommodation provided under this membership gives access to a junior suite accommodating up to 4 people as a pay-as-you-go program set at 199usd/week.  The Tropical is ideal for couples seeking a private island hide-away with all the advantages of a world-class resort wanting to spend more than a week at a time in the Caribbean.

Members under this membership will enjoy all of the resort facilities and amenities like the exercise rooms, tennis courts, windsurfing and so on in addition to all of the Resort's VIP areas such as the VIP Beach, VIP Pool, VIP Sports Bar, Serenity Beach, Harmony Beach, Anja's Lounge, VIP Exclusive restaurants as well as to Members' special events.

The Tropical at Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Resort is your home Resort within the Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club that will offer additional destinations to the sister resorts primarily located in the Dominican Republic.  As a LHVC VIP member, you will have access to: The Crown Suites • The Residence Suites • The Royal Suites • Presidential Suites – in Puerto Plata and the The Crown Villas, The Royal Villas in Costa Esmeralda, The Cofresi Palm Beach & Spa Resort in Costa Dorada and the Dream Suites through the Club INTrave'l exchange.  VIP members will benefit from a reduced AI rate across the properties.

This membership also allows members to invite friends and family to travel with them as hosts or to invite host-associates to travel on their own using this membership's privileges. The Tropical at LHVC is affiliated with 2 Exchange Networks: Resort Condominium International (RCI) in the weeks system as well as the Club's INTrave'L Resorts allowing access to the LHVC Sister Resorts through an exchange rate of 299usd per week.

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