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Mexico > Puerto Vallarta

Garza Blanca Resort & Spa


Biennial Right-to-Use Ownership 
Valid until 2044
1727 GBRC Points Even Year
Plus 1727 Preferred Points
Anytime including Holiday Season 
Beach Side Studio for 2 people
MFees 750USD EOY

RENT PRICEPlease inquire


Located on Banderas Bay, just minutes south of Puerto Vallarta, the Garza Blanca Hotel is one of the most prestigious Puerto Vallarta hotels. This luxury beach resort offers an array of elegant hotel amenities and in-room services, coupled with a range of inspiring outdoor activities, ocean views, sophisticated and spacious luxury suites, beach suites to two room suites, to one- to three-bedroom oceanfront suites to honeymoon suites, gourmet dining experiences, a gym and fitness centre, infinity pools and a lavish world-class spa.  This multi-villa Resort in Puerto Vallarta gently cascades down the side of the unparalleled jungle range, merging with the lush natural landscape joining a tradition of Sierra Madre hotels on Banderas Bay. 
This particular program for sale by owners at the Garza Blanca Hotel offers a point-based system allocated every even year with an optional meal plan. This program offers 1727 GRBC Points with an additional 1727 Preferred points allottment to be used in the RCI Exchange Network for a trading value of up to 28 points.  This quantity of points allows for a beachfront junior suite during the Holidays.  The program offers split weeks and acceleration features that can double the amount of GRBC points to book more time or larger accommodation.  
This luxurious beach-front hotel is surrounded by the lush Sierra Madre jungle and illuminated by the Pacific Ocean.  This is the perfect program for the young executives who wish for luxury getaways during the Holidays or at any other time of the year with this points value.  The Garza Blanca hotel ranks among one of the best luxurious hotels in Puerto Vallarta with an innovative sophistication and discrete luxury that transforms stays into a lifetime experience for its elite vacation owners.

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