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Greece > Rhodes

Sun Beach Holiday Club


Annual Right-to-Use Ownership
Term ending in 2031
Fixed Week # 32 - mid-August
1 bedroom apartment for 4 people
Annual Dues 475€


Fixed Summer Week

Sun Beach Holiday Club timeshare

Rhodes is the largest most fertile of the Greek islands and is the most visited because of its perfect combination between beaches, medieval towns and archaeological sites.  If your idea of a vacation is to relax on quiet beaches and to visit towns, boutiques and restaurants with friendly, easy-going locals under a most relaxing atmosphere, Rhodes is for you.  Being closer to the coast of Turkey than that of Greece, its location seems to attract an older cross section of travellers and more family groups.  

This timeshare for sale by onwers offers a fixed summer week every year in August. It can be traded within the RCI week system with an excellent trading value of more than 30points.  With quite a few more years valid to this membership (ending in 2031), this ownership will offer an excellent usage on site or for trading to other worldwide destinations.  The accommodation provided is spacious enough for a young family of 4. Take advantage of the last week of August to travel to Rhodes and enjoy the peace and quiet of the island, visit the numerous medieval towns and archaeological sites, or practice your favorite water sports.

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Mrs Lorquet, as promised, I am pleased to confirm we have received the sum of 8766€, as well as our complete satisfaction from dealing with you and your organization. We can certainly say that timeshare weeks, often criticized for their heritage value, are nevertheless true assets. Warmest Regards,

Jean-Pierre G.Copengham, FRANCE