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GeoHoliday Plus at Lac Morency


Right to Use Membership until 2026
50 000 GEO credits annual
Equals to 2 to 4 weeks per year
Converts to over 110,000 RCI points
Trade internally to more than 60 international destinations or RCI
Annual Dues 1990us


SOLD - Rental Possibilities too!

 This is a 13-year remaining membership that will get you a minimum of 2 to 4 weeks a year to use onsite at this Gold Crown Resort, a hidden gem within the beautiful Quebec Laurentians.   Based on a points system, Geo credits vary according to the size of accommodation you required and the period of the year you travel.    Use lesser credits during low season in smaller accommodation - or more credits in high season in bigger accommodations.   Entirely flexible to use with its acceleration feature, i.e. to travel more one year you can borrow from the future years of your membership.  Or, carry over  credits from one year to the next to spend more the following year.  

This package is recommended for people wishing to do great European travels or other exotic places such Goa, India, South Africa and Asia as well as accessing the major cities such as Paris, London, Madrid, Rome, Vienna and so on.  Use your Geo credits to trade internally to more than 60 international destinations or converts your geo credits to over 110,000 RCI points for more options.  Members also have access to their personal vacation counsellor that will guide them for all their travel needs for flights, car rentals, cruises and exchange networks.  This membership is a real opportunity for  people wanting to achieve great travel destinations from 2 to 10 weeks a year with the acceleration feature.

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Jean-Pierre G.Copengham, FRANCE