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Club Privilege Mont Tremblant



Annual Right-to-Use Ownership
Valid until 2062
Fixed week # 37 (Mid-September)
3-bedr. condo for up to 8 people
Annual Dues 1095CAD

RENT PRICEPlease inquire

Rare Spacious 3-Bedroom Condo

Beautiful September Week
The Laurentians region with its 22,000 square kilometers located approx. 2 hour North of Montreal or 2 hour East of Ottawa is a pure delight. The great diversity of its ecosystems opens up a world of new horizons while providing a natural experience that will suit visitors of all kinds!  This particular program offers a week in mid-September which will allow new owners to enjoy the magnificent multicolored autumn landscapes and be charmed by the unique and grandiose splendor of the beautiful Laurentians region.
This period of mid-September is excellent for a relaxed holiday where you can still enjoy the beautiful summer days without the hustle and bustle of the summer season. Play golf on professional golf courses, such as at the Giant and Le Diable, la Belle and la Bête; hike or cycle on the long track of the Petit Train du Nord or visit the National Park of Mont-Tremblant located nearby.  Visit the Casino of Tremblant located on the side of the mountain; relax at the beautiful Scandinave Spa on the Diable River; or stroll through the village enjoying the restaurants and small sport or fashion boutiques boasting seasonal sportswear fashion. 
This particular week offers a rare spacious three (3) bedroom accommodation at Les Volières, a complex located in the heart of the old Tremblant village. This 3-bedroom apartment offers all the comfort of a home away from home. The condo includes three (3) separate and private bedrooms, a fully equipped kitchen with appliances and cookware, a living room, a dining room, and two (2) bathrooms, all of which can comfortably accommodate up to 8 people. Members of Club Privilege  can deposit their week internally with the Club or with the Exchange Network of RCI.  The Club's internal pool allows its members to postpone their use to other dates during the year or in future years.  This maybe attractive to skiers, snowboarders, and other winter sports enthusiasts to be able to use their week as much in the summer as in the winter.  Internal exchange allows members to access both properties of the Club in Tremblant. 
Your ownership can also be used to trade within the RCI exchange network for a high trading value to other destinations around the world or to take advantage of the thousands of last minute destinations offered in the RCI exchange. These last call destinations are available 45 days or less before arrival date and are offered from 400CAD for a full week worldwide.
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