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Dominican Republic > Santo Domingo, Boca Chica

Vacation International Club Membership, Boca Chica


Membership International Vacation Club, Ltd.
By Oasis Hotels & Resorts
25 weeks over a 25 year term
Flexible usage of 1 junior suite for up to 4 people
Yearly Maintenance Fees of 215US

SALE PRICE7000cad - 5100Euros

Membership of 25 weeks

The Oasis Hamaca Beach and Casino is a long-time favorite to tourists of around the world.  Enjoy watersports on its massive stretch of soft sand beach.  Located about twenty miles from the "Metro Country Club" in Santo Domingo, the Oasis Hamaca Resort really has perspective to beautiful Dominican tours.

This program for sale by owner is as flexible as you can be with a total of 25 weeks at the Oasis Hamaca over a term of 25 years.  First year starts in 2011 for the next 25 years, enjoy regular yearly vacation or book as many weeks as you want in a year, no minimum no maximum.     

Because this resort town is convenientlyl ocated close to the airport and the capital city of Santo Domingo.  Boca Chica attracts adventurers, city lovers, and hoards of single people. The atmosphere is charged and the streets in and around the beaches are always alive with activity. There are many things to do, both on the beach and in the town, offering ideal diversity. A wealth of dining options lies within a short walk of Boca Chica beaches.


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