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Club Melia Caribe Tropical


Annual Use Membership valid until 2055
Deluxe Master Suite Platinum Season
Accommodates up to 6 people
Annual Dues 765us
Additional 43,000 Melia Club Points
Access to 350+ hotels & resorts in 35 countries


43,000 MELIA CLUB POINTS - Prestigious Vacation Club in Melia Hotels International

Club Melia by Melia Hotels International, formerly Sol Melia Vacation Club, offers its members an ultimate vacation product in terms of flexibility, choices of international destinations in 350 hotels and resorts where first class hospitality is THE standard. 

This timeshare resale by owners comes with 43,000 Sol Melia Option points (SMOptions), an annual allotment allowing its owners to book other destinations through the Sol Melia Vacation Network.  Points can be saved, borrowed, combined, accelerated or converted to external exchange networks.  Completely flexible in providing the best option for travel, points can be rolled over to the following year if they can’t be used in the current year, or borrowed to allow more vacation time within the current year.

This is a serious program for the serious travelers who do not settle for less than luxury, comfort and top of the line hospitality.  Predominantly in Europe, Club Melia by Melia Hotels International will provide North American travelers an easy access to European metropolitan destinations such as Rome, Milan, Athens, Madrid, Berlin, Paris,  and London as well as South and Central Americas and the Caribbean. Club Melia SMOptions points is a VIP pass to the world.

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