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FAQ - Frequently asked questions

FAQ - Frequently asked questions

What is Timesharing Style?

Our primary goal is to provide comprehensive information on current timeshare trends while assisting timeshare owners with resales and closing services, and guiding consumers relating to purchases of timeshare-related products available on the resale market today.

Why do people sell their timeshares?

As your lifestyle has changed over the years so has the concept of timeshare. What once worked for you may not work today. Visiting Walt Disney World may have been your motivating factor to buy a timeshare in Orlando 15 years ago but today the kids have grown and personal circumstances in your life have changed and so have your needs in traveling. It is not uncommon to find timeshare owners who have acquired over the years several styles of timeshare properties and now are willing to sell or trade their timeshare for something more adapted to their needs.

Who buys a timeshare?

There are hundreds of timeshare properties sold worldwide everyday. The Timeshare segment has grown to be one of the fastest-growing sectors in the hospitality industry. The vacation ownership/timeshare industry continues to grow at an ever-increasing rate with proven family quality time values in mind.

Be assured that Mother Nature is not creating any more shorelines or mountains. Visiting these beautiful destinations worldwide is becoming increasing difficult and more cost-prohibitive than ever before and this is why timesharing continues to work for the savvy traveler.

Now with a resale market being more prominent in the field today, competitive prices can benefit a wider range of travelers in terms of accessibility.

When purchased on the resale market, consumer can benefit of approximately 50% discount off the developer's prices! You will enjoy all the benefits that the developer would offer with great savings.

Where are you located?

We’re located in the popular and beautiful Québec Laurentians in the village of St-Sauveur des Monts. This location attracted us first because of its high rate of visitors from Montréal but also from other parts of the Province of Québec, the rest of Canada and the world.

The Quebec Laurentians is ranked 3rd in all the Quebec regions after Montreal (6,478,000) and Quebec City (5,288,000) to be the most visited by tourists. In 2006, the Laurentians alone welcomed over 2,808,000 tourists. Between 2000 and 2004, an increase of 45.5% in number of tourists was registered in the Laurentians.

St–Sauveur welcomes an ever increasing amount of tourists annually and this is one of the reasons we have conveniently located in the heart of St-Sauveur.

How does Timesharing Style work?

We have come to understand that it is not enough for timeshare owners to advertise their program at a ridiculously low price in order to sell their program. Even though the timeshare resale market offers substantial discounts, it is important to re-sell at a price that is fair to both sellers and buyers. Our services are basically geared to assist sellers in selling their program but especially designed to assist buyers to make the right choice for the best program to suit their needs and budget. We believe in full disclosure of information to the experienced timeshare user or first time buyer, and assist them all along the acquisition process and importantly after their purchase. And, these are services that sellers need not preoccupy themselves with in order to achieve the sale of their timeshare.

Moreover, it is necessary to use the services of a third party especially when it comes to the monetary portion of the transaction. As closing procedures require some time and monies need be paid prior to transfer, the use of an in-trust account is a must for all parties involved.

Timesharing Style’s services are non-exclusive and owners can deal directly with potential buyers using our expertise when needed along the way. In addition to our resource centre sellers can use additional methods to assist them when and wherever needed.

We create massive specialized exposure for owners’ properties at the national and international levels featuring timeshare program for rent or for sale in both Canada’s official languages for the convenience of the North American and European markets.

We use from time to time other means of advertising such as direct mail, regional newspaper advertisement, and various methods of e-marketing to make sure our website gets the most traffic and exposure.

Timesharing Style’s management and personnel is committed to ensure a customer service that is geared to achieving results.

How do I evaluate my timeshare’s worth?

Get your free market analysis of your timeshare’s worth

The Original Purchase price of most timeshare units, purchased directly from the developer or marketing company, includes the cost of marketing.

This cost to the developer or marketing company can range from thirty percent to fifty five percent of the purchase price. This price includes the cost of gifts and other promotions used to entice prospective purchasers to view the timeshare development.

It is also important to contact your own resort to find out about the cost and conditions of ownership transfer. This added cost can reduce your timeshare net value and must be taken into consideration in setting the resale price.

Every timeshare has its own value on the resale market. The market demand for your property, its location, convenience, size of accommodation are still determining factors before a price can be set. At the end, however, the net value you will receive for your timeshare will depend on the potential buyers.

What do I own?

Does your timeshare or vacation ownership come with a deed or is it a right to use? Important to note is that right to use (RTU) normally sells for lower amounts since they normally run for a set period of years and lose value as they “wind down” towards the end of their term. However, this is not always the case and some purchasers are looking for shorter programs and we can advise on this point.

Ensure you have all documents that pertain to the timeshare/vacation ownership, including mortgage/loan information, tax records, annual fees, other related material such as owner’s kits and any mail outs the developer sends you.