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How many miles have you flown?

How many miles have you flown?

How neat would it be to be able to record exactly how many miles you have flown in a given year or number years? What type of service you will receive prior to boarding the plane as well on the plane and for the duration of your flight?

I would love to know the differences between economy, business, preferred and first class on airlines in 2009 from a fellow flier’s point of view, and not rely on the airlines promotional photos of what level of satisfaction I can expect.

These questions and more related to airline and airplane status can now be quickly asked and answered on our new travel affiliate This particular resource will help savvy travelers - since it allows registered members not only to write reviews on various flights they taken, but to read reviews and view images of cabins, seats, restrooms, even photos demonstrating meal quality or lack thereof. is an intuitive website offering additional services that go further than just reviewing current flights in close to real time. After registering and submitting a review, flightscore will easily track your air miles flown and display them in a wonderful graphic image for you view at a glance. Not limited to just air miles flown, flightscore will track cleanliness, seat comfort, food quality and including guest experience. - Adds Rob from "All reviews are getting calculated to produce Top List for the different Flight Classes. we also track the flights from users to provide them Flight Statistics for their most flown Airlines, the miles they have flown, etc.... all is displayed on a nice Flash Map."

From submitted Flight Reviews we build Airline Quality Top Lists for you to compare Airlines with prior to your next Flight. automatically keeps track of where you have flown to and then easily makes maps showing your flight routes.

We are pleased to offer this affiliation with says Dean Floreani. Simply put, the fact that at a glance, you can have instant access to a “real persons opinion” about their experience with a modern day airline... makes this resource a valuable travel tool for many going forward.

Visit their website and get tracking your statistics today!

Note: Even though many reviews are in languages other than English, do not be discouraged. The website provides accumulated rating profiles and precise top ten lists of airlines and flights then, displayed in the English language to get the overall impression and rating of your fellow world travelers.

Dean Floreani