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Club Privilege Mont Tremblant


Biennial Right-to-Use Ownership
Valid until  2040 every even year
Fixed week # 49
1 Bedroom Apt for 4 people
Annual Dues 525ca every 2 years

RENT PRICEPlease inquire


This right-to-use ownership at Club privilege gives the right to occupy a 1-bedroom unit every even year at a fixed week in early december which coincides with the increasingly popular fundraising event :  the 24 hours of Tremblant.  Use it onsite, exchange through RCI or use the Club's internal exchange system to book a week at any other time during the year for a supplement.  

This system offers complete flexibility to members of Club Privilege as they can bank their week with the Club to request a bigger unit or a week stay at any other time of the year and to stay at either properties of the Club.  Book a week in the heart of the old-village of Tremblant at La Voliere or use your own unit at Club Privilege located on the shores of Lake Moore.  A peaceful location located a little outside of the old Tremblant Village that offers spacious units.

This ownership is ideal for the RCI membership that will give unlimited access to bonus weeks in the thousands last-minute destinations around the world. Any of these weeks costs approximately 300cdn per week depending on the size of accommodation.  

Call us to find out more about the advantages of an RCI membership.

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Jean-Pierre G.Copengham, FRANCE