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Holiday Inn VC at Orange Lake



Annual Deeded Ownership 
159,000 Holiday Inn VC pts
1 or 2 bedroom condos/villas
Flexibility of use anytime
Onsite or elsewhere 
MFees 1200USD EOY

RENT PRICEPlease inquire

159,000 Holiday Inn VC Points

159,000 Holiday Inn Vacation Club Points
A magnificent experience awaits you at the Orange Lake Resorts through Holiday Inn Vacation Club.  There is so much to do in Orlando and many of these activities can be found at the Orange Lake Resorts. This timeshare for sale by owners offers an onsite access to two (2) professional golf courses: An Arnold Palmer signature professional golf course and the other recently designed by architect Mike Dasher who knew how to harmonize the greens perfectly with the natural habitat of the region's varieties of wild fauna and flora. This property is not only a paradise for golfers of all calibers but is also a place full of activities that will please the whole family.
You will be amazed by the size of this resort that includes 4 resorts in one, and all it has to offer. Located near Orlando's theme parks, it offers ideal accommodations and onsite amenities to fulfill your family's every need. A tube river that joins a swimming pool at each of its extremities, a mini-golf course, a sports and exercise center, courts of tennis, basketball and volleyball, a supermarket, snack bars and restaurants, and so much more.
This ownership provides an annual deeded ownership located at Orange Lake Resorts. This quantity of Holiday Inn points will allow new owners to book a fully equipped one (1) or two (2) bedroom condo unit in this RCI Gold Crown Resort (RCI's highest rating). Orange Lake Resorts offer spacious and comfortable condos that can accommodate up to 8 people. With an area of approximately 1,200 sf, these condos are fully equipped with a kitchen, a very large bed (king size) in the master bedroom, 2 large beds (queen) in the guest bedroom and a sofa-bed. This unit includes all the usual amenities including a standard size washer and dryer machines. 
This point program will conveniently serve its new owners for both exchanges and on-site use. With 159,000 Holiday Inn points, new HIVC members will enjoy stays at this major international hotel chain, a leader in the hotel industry.  Holiday Inn Vacation Club now offers 28 resort destinations of choice in the United States.  Whether it's for a beach vacation, a golf, a theme parks or a cultural trip, Holiday Inn offers you the flexibility to enjoy its multiple destinations in the best sought-after locations in the United States. 

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