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Time Shares Resale

Time Shares Resale

Did you know you can save a significant amount of money by purchasing time shares at resale prices? If you’re thinking about buying a timeshare package, it could benefit you financially to look into a resale before agreeing to purchase from a broker.

Depending on the type of timeshare you purchase, you could enjoy all of the following benefits:

  • A significantly reduced upfront cost that could save you about half of what you would pay through a broker
  • The advantage of a no-pressure sale, compared with a timeshare presentation experience that demands an answer within hours of seeing the offer
  • Benefiting from the first buyer’s experience rather than going into the purchase blind

Accelerating The All-Important Break-Even Point

There comes the point in time when the amount you save on vacationing is greater than the amount you spent on the timeshare. This is what’s known as the break-even point, and is something all timeshare buyers must keep in mind when considering a package.

Consumers who purchase time shares at resale prices move that break-even point closer to the date of purchase and start seeing a return on their investment much faster than those who buy from a broker. That’s where we come on. At, we connect timeshare buyers with sellers, resulting in transactions that benefit both parties.

Do Your Homework

There are many types of timeshare packages for sale on the marketplace, and it’s of an advantage to the buyer to understand what they’re buying and what they will own. If a timeshare is deeded, you’ll most likely be purchasing an unmovable block of vacation time at a single location resort. A right-to-use package is more flexible, and will typically allow you to choose the dates and location of your vacation.

It’s important to find out before the sale is finalized whether all of the amenities afforded to the first owner will be transferred to you. If not, you may be giving up a lot just to save on the cost of the package. Be sure to factor in annual maintenance fees and other charges you’ll be responsible for as the owner.

Take All the Time You Need

Browse our timeshare opportunities and reach out to us if you have questions. Be sure to contact the timeshare owner if you have package-specific questions that only they can answer.

One of the biggest advantages of buying time shares on resale sites is that you can take your time and find the perfect package to meet your needs. If you’ve ever sat through an aggressive timeshare presentation, you can certainly understand the benefit of a no-stress, no-hassle shopping experience.

We want to make your time share buying experience enjoyable and financially beneficial. Click the ‘Buy Timeshares’ link on our homepage to start your search for the perfect vacation opportunity for your family. Spending quality time with your loved ones doesn’t have to come at an unreasonable cost. We make buying a time share a rewarding, affordable experience.

Time Shares Resale
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Time Shares Resale Time Shares Resale
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